R.A.D - Raw Artist Development is truly passionate about helping artists identify who they really are and unleash their power within. Based in Melbourne's Western Suburbs of Hoppers Crossing and Point Cook we invite all singers, songwriters, duo's and group's to attend our 10 week workshop to "Master your Craft". The R.A.D workshop is led by a team of Industry Experts and professionals who are actively working in today's music industry. With over 70 years of combined experience, you are sure to learn much needed insight to the Entertainment Industry. Our team of Industry Professionals have worked with established Australian artists and International artists, finalists from The Voice, X-Factor, Australian Idol and Australia's Got Talent.

So, if you are 13 years or over and you would like to know more about the upcoming R.A.D workshop, don't put it off another day and send in your enquiry NOW!

All applicants must submit a registration form to secure attendance. Auditions are preferred but not essential.

* Vocal Technique

As a professional singer, you will be expected to perform at the drop of a hat. You will need to be able to sing for hours in live shows, rehearsals and in the studio. If you're a "belter" and already find yourself becoming hoarse, tire quickly or even crack while singing high notes, you will need to learn some vocal technique. Your voice is an instrument and it should be treated like any other. Discover the foundations of 10 Essential Lessons that ALL singers must learn to achieve vocal success.

* Performance

Good singing on stage in front of an audience just doesn't cut it anymore. You will need to learn how to connect to your audience through story telling and emotive singing. Learn how to work the audience, use the stage, work the camera's, learn some choreography and re-shape yourself to become a seasoned performer.

* Image Consulting

Have you ever judged a book by it's cover? We all like to say that we don't like to judge people, however it's in the human nature to take one look at people and automatically assume whom or what they are. That's ok! It's completely normal but that's exactly my point. As an artist you are judged by the public and the media based on your appearance. Learn more about how you can stand out from the crowd with styling and fashion tips. Discover what style of clothing suits your body type and what colours compliment your skin tone.

* Branding & Social Media

What is Branding you ask? Well, it's about creating awareness and leaving a first impression with your audience so they remember you. Think of brands that you recognise such as McDonalds, Coca Cola and JB HiFi. They have all been branded on television, radio and magazines for so many years that we all know them so well. In this case You are the brand and you will learn how to market your brand to the public through social media, online and other networking channels. Although you don't have the same marketing budget as these retail giants, learn how to get your brand out there at a fraction of the cost. Discover how to get more hits on your YouTube channel and find out how video's go viral and receive royalty payments from YouTube.

* Press Packaging

Press Packaging is extremely important when you are approaching talent agents for paid gigs. Know exactly what to put in a press pack and learn how to stand out from the other thousands of musicians and bands applying for the same gigs. You will also have the benefit of using our network of industry experts to access designers and printers at a negotiated discount. To kick off your press pack, you will get a professional profile picture taken during our photo & video session.

* Record / Demo Production

If you are an aspiring songwriter or produce your own music, you're gonna love this session. Learn more about the publishing industry and how royalties are paid. Know the importance of registering your songs with APRA and know exactly how much royalties your entitled to, especially when you are working with other artists during a co-writing session. Get some invaluable tips on how to write the perfect song and get it heard on the radio.


10 Week Workshop
2 Hour classes (1 class per week)
Limited to 10 students per class

$50 per week* ($500)
$450 (pay in full)
$750 mates rates (pay in full - buy one get the second 50% off)

Note: All fees can be paid by cash, cheque, EFT or direct debit (all major credit cards accepted).

* Fees must be paid by fortnightly direct debit.

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