About us

RAD is a boutique singing school based in Point Cook dedicated to developing real Australian artists. We teach our students what they want to learn with a focus on individuality. Vocal chords are like finger prints and everyone has a unique pair so they should be treated that way. Many singers will mimic the sound of pop singers they see on TV and hear on the radio, however using a proven vocal technique allows each student to discover the true tone and range of every voice. RAD's vocal technique and methods dates back to the basis of the legendary Enrico Caruso. A technique now used by many contemporary singers around the world promoting vocal preservation, longevity and vocal repair.

RAD also provides private and group workshops in vocals, performance, song writing, piano and guitar. RAD also runs an artist development program in a 10 week workshop for established singers looking to take the next step in their career covering all aspects of becoming a working musician in the Australian music scene.

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